Immediate implantation and loading of 11.Treatment of late post trauma external resorption of 11. Dental Movies

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Ghassan... Thank you for this amazing job
But i wish if you give the post x ray
thanh l... implant look scary. screw into bone no!!!
t est... What incredible ARTWORK !!!!!
Shm Aba... Why de hell he removed natural tooth n loaded an implant bullshit
Daniell... I love this video. It's beautiful to see you quickly and efficiently fix a person's smile because that is so detrimental to a person's overall health and well being. Thank you for sharing.
Abid Ra... How much time need for complete the full process and how much cost$$?
Unicorn... Brushing my teeth for 3 minutes now..
Melva V... Did you ask the patient wut it felt like?, if so, wut they say?
Ayako :... Fack
I'm sorry
BARI? H... Sapı sakin sosis popi
Walches... The drilllllll
Ana Cla... que pena nunca quero que acomtesa com migo??
Dulce O... Thois is why i brush my teeth!!!!???
Hunter ... Sorry I couldn't watch it all so I and to skip some of it and the way I get my teeth pulled is by my dad because he just rips them out of my mouth and I out them under my pillow

p.s. the tooth fairy is not real I do not believe in the tooth fairy because I'm 12 years old
Perez-S... ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????