SHEM- Przemyslaw Orawiec ciekawostki

SHEM- Przemyslaw Orawiec ciekawostki

Historia kanału SHEM- Przemyslaw Orawiec zaczyna się w dniu 2008-01-14 19:05:04.
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Snorkeling in Cape Verde 2K 1440p Gopro Hero 5 Black

All footage captured with Gopro Hero 5 Black on our trip to Sal in Republic of Cabo Verde (or Cape Verde). First part of the video was captured in Murdeira and the second under the pier in Santa Maria. Hope you enjoy the footageSnorkeling Verde 1440p Gopro Black

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Matthew... 1080 @ 60fps, any filter on lens? Also is this shot in wide or moderate?
Thom... Thats a scorpion fish at 0:17 those are very poisonous! You shouldn't harass wildlife like that.
Perfect... Upload video in 1 0 8 0 P
trevor ... hello mister, great video , congrats . can you give me the GPS data or google maps location of your footage in Santa maria please, i want to see the same fishes and i do not want to search hours for nothing , thank you in advance
Adi Opa... Reklama go pro
jerelco... what made you record with this video setting and not in 4k
Kulka... Which program you use to edit
Micha? ... powodzenia ma nowej drodze. Samych sukcesów.
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