SHEM- Przemyslaw Orawiec ciekawostki

SHEM- Przemyslaw Orawiec ciekawostki

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Bali '17 4K 2160p Captured on Gopro Hero 5 and Karma Grip

Video edit from our trip to Bali. All video footage captured with Gopro Hero 5. Karma Grip was also extensively used to stabilize the footage. Video features me, Julia (my gf), my brother and his girlfriend, Natalia during a 1 week trip to Bali. It was a busy weak... We took a trip to Ubud on scooters where we tried White Water Rafting and visited the Monkey Temple; took a speedboat trip to Gili Air where we did some snorkeling; climbed the tallest mountain in Bali, Mount Agung; and explored best local beaches.&039;17 2160p Captured Gopro Karma

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Chris W... what frame rate did you choose on your go pro 5?
Michael... Video is awesome! Could you please share the name of the song??
Victor ... who else came to check out her ass
Cristia... Question, is the karma grip water resistant? I know the gopor hero 5 is but what about the karma grip?
Muhamma... Very Nice short Video.
But, I suggest for you to visit Lombok for sure. and you can find very naturally nature there. Make a great advanture of them. Rinjani tracking, South lombok beach and surfing, Diving on the Three Island and many more. I hope you will visited in the next time and enjoy your vacations.
Tomas F... Very nice video, you seemed to have had a good time. Excellent footage using the Karma Grip!
Tony In... Just wanted to say I really enjoyed watching your video..looks like a fun little trip! If you have a moment please check out my channel and our cruise trip to Atlantis.
Mario A... Nice video but a little too much contrast,you used the karma grip and three way grip which is more funtional? ihave the three way
no name... Przemo, co to za nuta?
Nazir... Mam do sprzedania za 1400zł. sgs7 edge na gwarancji 2 lata stan idealny.
Ktoś zainteresowany?
NUDY NU... Świetny materiał
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