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OGS] Mind Your Manners MEP • HBD Maureen!

Hello guys, well its breezy's birthday today and we wanted to make an mep to celebrate it as shes done so much for OGS i hope you like it Breezy and once again Happy Birthday!!!!!!! She's an our amazing co leader! Thank you for being there with us! We all love you! ♥♥ Hope you guys are enjoying the mep too! We were trying our best! Have a nice day u all! ^ ^ Note: Security Check MEP will be out soon, be patient! (Sorry for MBL on some parts or if there are sth out of sync!) Intro: Hottiegurlxx/11AlanGonzalez Part 1: Hinata MSP Part 2: BL4BL4 Part 3a: Hottiegurlxx Part 3b: Uriah Part 4: xBelowZero [GUEST] Part 5+6: ZeWickedBoy Part 7: xNothing [GUEST] Part 8: ZeWickedboy Part 9: Hottiegurlxx Part 10: Li La Larissa Part 11: xShine [GUEST] Part 12: xSeriouslyable Part 13: x Evelina x Part 14: 11AlanGonzalez Part 15: Einmaliiqx3 Part 16: MizzyMSP/Hottiegurlxx Part 17: Hottiegurlxx Part 18: Whatthehell Outro: Keks [GUEST] S0NG Ch!ddy B@NG M!NG Y0UR M@NNER$ Bday gurl: Thanks for watching! Happy bday again! ♥Manners Maureen!

Najlepsze komentarze: aunts name is Maureen :)
Cutiepi...How can someone dislike, this is so freaking good!!!!!! urggg
gl0ness...Don't click Read more

You are a rebel, i like you
k o p i...Why does this studio only have 4k subs? They deserve more than Pewdiepie : 33
Vanelli...Awesome work as always ;)
BrowSla...Happy Birthday Breezy.
Zowella...Wow breezy always got One of the best Bday meps c':
passion...Okay, not gonna lie, you guys really got me on this one. I seriously wasn't expecting this. xD Thank you guys so so soooo much. I know I'm kinda late for commenting and saying thank you but when I this was uploaded, I tried my best to avoid it until I thought of a really good way to say thank you xD This is literally me right now It's more like there's no one like the awesome OGS members actually. But anyways, thank you so much for the MEP and all the birthday wishes in the comments. I really wish I could say thank you to each and every one of the commenters that wished me a happy birthday but I don't want to spam xD You all did an amazing job on all your parts and as usual, it was a well put-together MEP. Thank you guys (again) love you!! ♥
BluBuxi...if you take song requests Ryn Weaver is good
DieWasc...Happy Birthday Breezy and great video! :) ?
Woozwor...Amazzzing! (I don't think I knew about this collab, I would've taken part if I did xD)
Snonymo...Happy Birthday <3
Zozo MS...Kill me please :(
I feel so bad for not finishing my part ;(
infinit...bABes u guys r fucking amazing
NoName?...Amazing Mep :o♥
louisa...i hope u read the bottom right on my part
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