Hey guys! so We present to you the winners of THE OGS CONTEST!  Team Leader: xSugart xo So before I start to talk about xSugart xo’s Mep, I just want to write a few messages about all the teams.. Now me and gregs are so proud of all of you, we feel like everyone has improved which made judging the meps a lot harder!   I am extremely proud of teams such as Jojo Msp’s team (and others) because they managed to upload their mep on the deadline though about a week before the deadline, the mep wasn’t even full! I want to thank Jojo Msp again because she wasn’t the original team leader for her team, it was actually XxWolfMurderessxX and she stepped up and helped her team! so big thank you to jojo :) For the other teams! We are so amazed by the MEPS, for us there isn’t one bad MEP! but at the end of the day there can only be one winner! so the results (only going up to 3rd place) 1st Place: xSugart xo’s Team (Rich kids MEP) Score: 8.5/10 2nd Place: Olusia Rekosz’s Team (Magic MEP) Score: 7.2/10 3rd Place: Cassandra G’s Team (Uma Thurman MEP) Score: 7.1/10 SO NOW to talk about xSugart xo’s Team, We were so amazed by this MEP! seriously, it was definitely a high standard and you definitely followed the rules of comedy! we were so happy that you followed the theme extremely well because not much of the meps followed the theme, though they were all still good! We felt like xSugart xo was an outstanding team leader and led her team very well, the mep itself has an amazing flow from part to part and I’m glad she took charge and told people how to do their parts!  So our reward for you xSugart xo is! You get to host an mep (with any song of your choice that you’d like) and everyone from your team gets to join (they were a few guests in that mep, they can still participate in this mep even though they weren’t in the contest). This will be uploaded on our channel : 3 ONLY xSugart xo gets to choose the song, you may help her with her choice, but she gets the final decision. All themes and rules of mep will be set by her. Unfortunately, you will have to take charge again and make the signup  since we don’t have time :l because of school. I hope this won’t be a problem :( But please message us if you have any enquires regarding the reward! PS. i hope this was a good prize xD ( we didn’t really know what to give)   ALSO the results will be out soon!!!!!! SO BE PATIENT GUYS we can’t wait to tell you the results c: … ANYWAYS thanks everyone who took part in our contest, it means so much to us that a lot of people wanted to take part :) thanks again xD.  Song: R!ch K!ds by New Med!c!ne MEP on xSugart xo’s channel: Check out other meps from contest; OGS✩] Kids! CONTEST WINNER

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Lmao everyone was hella amazing c;
Excited for the auditions cx
Numeric... Congrats sugart ;o
x Nefar... 3rd Place ^^ Thx leaders your amazing ly<3
And congrat's to all of you guys who made a part for this awesome contest ;)
Trash E... Ooo congrats guys ^^
Zombie ... ;o so awesome! ?✌?️?
ivxxn... thought this was FunkyComp for a secconD b/c of the neon colors lmaooo
Sugart ... when i watch this mep I still have chills again and again XD is so incredible aww >w< i hope a new contest open in the future (with no audition, just for fun) bc this tooked me some time but it was rlly cool to lead this and i learn a lot with it :> if u are here guys omg ily and again thanks for this masterpiece of happy stuffs<3333
Mlle Fa... Exellent! :D
LittleG... Money, money :D
The Cup... OMFG Rlly Good <3
What for A Program Do You Use? ♥
xSUGARY... waw your mep its so perfectly <33
i'm fan <3
Sel... Music End ? x)
Marinet... Love this song
Karli L... I want to listen to this song more now owo
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