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OfficialGoldStudio ciekawostki

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infinit... oh my god guys, im so sorry for my late comment, but things keep stressing me and i know i shouldnt just block out things that stresses me but i couldn't help it ;-; im really really sorry, i really hope you didn't think i "forgot" about the mep on purpose or that it wasn't special to me, because that you guys put something together with a lot of effort just for me means so much and i honestly didnt expect to get this mep... i remember when i saw it i was like well who's that bitch stealing both my name and my birthday XDD but then i realized i have the most amazing friends in here that would do so much for me and its weird because im not used to that ;__; i can't apoligise enough to you guys and i wish i didn't feel as i do but sometimes my system just shuts down and blocks out everything and everyone, im so sorry that i turned out to be like this but i just hope everyone of you and especially cate and gregs understands how much OGS means to me and i never left it to hurt anyone or anything... ogs is the best msp studio ever and idc about what anyone else thinks because we got this family thats gotten bigger during the years and all of you are so kind i love all the members <333 and even though im not a part of ogs anymore i still consider myself as a part of the family, if you guys consider me so too.. one day i might be back i could hope but i won't promise anything <3 if any member ever needs advice or someone to talk to, just know i am here for all of you even if we've never spoke before, if you feel like i could help you with anything, just let me know and i'll do my very best for this family.

i'd also like to thank a few certain people;

caitlin my love you know that even if we don't talk a lot anymore i still consider you as my bigger sister, i could always tell you everything and i am so thankful for that, for being so lucky so have someone to tell everything to. im happy you wanted to listen, and you've done so many good things for me. you are such a great human and you're good to everyone thats good to you, im thankful for knowing you during the years and thanks for everything, i love you so much <33

gregs<3 you know we met around a year ago when i was in poland, and im still so overwhelmed that you would want to drive for so many hours just to see me... i can't believe anyone would do so much for me gregs, and it such a lovely day <333 180216<3 you're an amazing person gregs and i support you in everything you'll ever do. now just go on and win that mds contest my boy, i know you can cause you're fucking amazing in everything you do, and im so proud of you, i really love you<33

you two have done so much for me and i just want you to know how much i appreciate your existence. i felt like i had to give a small extra thanks to you two<3
also i'd like to thank meg, chris and breezy for being such amazing leaders, breezy i believe you've been in ogs for just as long as i have, and ogs wouldn't have been the same without you from day one, your editing is timeless girl, and you're just so responsible, i really admire that. chris and meg thank you so much for joining ogs as leaders, you really helped ogs a lot, both me, gregs and caitlin was so stressed out and i believe all of us needed a break.. thanks that you wanted to keep ogs up, your souls are golden<3 ohmygad and oskar maaan idk what to say you are so amazing in everything you do! you know that, you're such a person that i believe everyone likes. thank you so much for living you amazing piece of perfection!!! roman my german teacher thank you so much for helping me convince my teacher that im good at german XD ich liebe dich mein freund und ich bin total gut auf deutsch jaaaa<333 XD you're so kind!!! omg i love my whatsapp team #ellasslaves

i can't thank everyone that joined enough, thank you so much for making my birthday even better, thank you so much to each and every member of ogs, even if you didn't join the mep, because im just so thankful that all of you keep ogs active, all of you have a place in my heart. thank you everyone, go on and make incredible meps like this one maybe even better if its possible<333 maybe i feel like i can join a mep again in the future, who knows? see you guys, remember how much i love all of you and how incredible you made my day<3
Tina Ng... What do u use to edit?
Ragdey ... why are people even disliking this? I bet you can't make this.
Mililu... To jest super ?
Yetlr... This is so amazing- No words. (:
Nikseii... OMG! This so... beatiful
xNatQ M... WOW LOVE IT ♥
Faruuew... party fafka są najlepsze!!!!
Naomi N... I really like how the beat sounds
abi... uuuuhhh so goooddd
Tearr D... lol I thought it was for me since my bday is in 3 days and my name is ella
Carrot ... NOW hunny this isn't normal it's awesome af
Baby Sh... How do I audition
- Gacha... This is the next level of msp o-o
Panda S... C'est bien mes sa va trop vite !
Layla M... Who are you guys???
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