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Alan Al... I'm a year-round foreign resident of Cuyo of many years doing business in a non-competing watersport as part of my larger interests in Cuyo tourism and know Jing quite well. I'm familiar with the circumstances leading to the establishment of what has become the syndicate status of the CWA as currently structured since I was the one who suggested to him doing it in the first place. Little did I know back then that it would lead to this. Needless to say we were on friendly terms then but following my urging that he change the name of his organization to Cuyo Kiteboarding Association to more accurately reflect that which is the only activity of his business he apparently took offence and we have not been on speaking terms since. Having given the situation a couple of years to see if there would be any changes forthcoming there has only been a hardening of positions. For my part I feel it's highly unprofessional to effectively boycott another complementary business on such thin grounds. As a result my business recently no longer recommends their services to any of my guests. In following-up on the legal basis of the CWA's effective monopoly I have concluded that if someone wanted to coach one or more friends in this sport they may do so as long as they are not being paid for the service regardless of nationalities.
Chris W... Martin, thanks for your advice!
Chris W... I am a kite boarder, and is attracted to go Cuyo Island kiteboarding. I would like to know if it is allowed and safe to kitesurfing there bringing one's own equipment? thanks for advice!
Martin ... Jing we see at kite beach most times greeting, introducing himself. I like him right away, very cool local. I was warned when I arrived to be careful in dealing with him. I did not listen. I took his kite lesson, he said I wait one hour for him and he came back during sunset drunk. What one can do? I left. After few years of coming back, I found out this guy is nobody in the island. He ran for city councillor, not even locals voted for him. Why? Ask him, ask them. What he does in the island before kitesurf, no foreigner know. What good has he done for the island? Nobody knows. When he have kite school? This season only, not his own as he work for foreigner too. That is why he don't like you. He don't like a competition he will lose to 
Cuyo Watersport Association is ILLEGAL. NO REGISTRATION. Not enough members. How can he become president? Don't be stupid. Don't trust this guy who introduce himself as president of an association that only exist in social media. More so, never trust a guy who call you his dear friend on your first day
Matthew... One situation last year local kiter take 3-4 kites from group we meet. He bring home not return kites unless they pay his kite broken during fight at kite beach spot include local kiter vs 3 austrian guy and 1 girl. He say it is his spot when he go kiting, the  build bamboo slider for all he doesn't like. They went to police. Kites give back but good as nothing all part pin with needles. I am sorry for them owners and island people local authority is no good. If you visit be careful foreigner living in cuyo very nice arrogant and like gossip including pizza man gossip one side and other side not very good. Sad but true
ray mos... Please change the name of the video so it would include Cuyo Island, this way you will be warning foreign tourists willing to learn the sport what's going on...
Tomek L... sad to hear that but still the whole world waits to discover :-)
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