Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy PS3 vs PS4 Graphics Comparison Cycu1

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaSqhImKhGM

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Akilah ... Wtf the ps3 performs better textures than ps4
frankyy... I know PS3 looks better and that people say it's better yeah it's better just because it's a remake for PS3 and it's just port from PS2 console some stupid people doesn't know it's just port from PS2 with 480P to PS4 with 1080P
Westdog... They should just completely remake Jak and Daxter like they did with Ratchet and Clank. As long as they don't add guns and the edgy teen trash.
Vegas S... Was hoping to retire my ps3. But im disapointed on the framerate issues the ps4 version has. Guess if i truly want the best expirience its either an emulator or ps3 version.
Eric So... I know the ps4 is just a port but it could of been a little better
Lattrod... when will the other 3 games get released?
ManiK c... Nothing significant..
PianoPl... PS3 version is a remaster
PS4 version is simply the PS2 game running on the PS2 emulator
lostn65... AA is improved on PS4, otherwise looks the same.
JakTheL... PS3 looks better. Since it's native 720p and also recoded to look better, versus the upscaled 1080p port of the original software. Native res will almost always look better than an upscaled one.
cosmic ... They said it was the original game just upscaled and not the updated ps3 version
TheAndz... The PS3 version is sharper and have updated palms, shadows and physics. They could just have used the ps3 version and upscaled it a little bit..
Jamie R... Can you do a pc vs PS4 pro final fantasy 15 comparison
GenSul... Give me any J&D game even in pixel graphics and ill be more than happy. Can't wait for the next sequel
thomas ... this is a joke man loool PS4 look so bad.....ps3 is more sharp and textures is better...don't know what
Deus ex... Nice video and nice game.
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