Yakuza Kiwami 2 PS4 vs PS2 Original Graphics Comparison Cycu1

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JhgVflYjL8

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Ikhmaly... I was thinking...many people will say remake is better than the original. Only because the graphics..and those stuffs
Zendy Y... Someone sub to me ill sub back
TrueVid... State sempre a guardare la grafica, é lo STESSO gioco con la STESSA storia ...chi l'ha già giocato, valuti bene ;)
MaSTerO... what i learned from Yakuza 0 is u can pick a fight and take their panties, then u will be op
mohamma... Now THAT"S, what i call a remake
Kako Mo... Goda is a badass
shtik... Damn it looks great. That's a remake alright. Love this series.
kingfel... It pisses me off how ridiculously good Kiwami 2 looks. Like holy shit that upgrade.
Helltio... Sadly only in japan i guess and for the rest if it sells well in ONE FUCKING COUNTRY then maybe in 2065 we can get it XD-.
Fukou D... I'd rather just play the hd collection tbh
Furkan ... Wow, its amazing!
Visual ... Og game still looks great
budarod... Yakuza 2 one of the best Criminal Games of all time, anyone that didnt Play It this is the perfect time
Cesar R... Sony #demonssoulsremake please
Chris C... I see no difference
???... So sad.because i'm korean.

Why?New main protagonist of yakuza series voice actor says "chosenjin".that means to say korean badly on japan.

So on korea,Can will be release cancle.

SEGA has already subtitle localized and waited for release date.but that situation has happened.

SEGA apologized of that voice actor's comment.but that voice actor,not apologized still on today.
frankyy... remake looks better but graphics on ps2 is not bad
Ibrahim... The PS3 one graphics look better than the remake.
Ateri K... its real remake !
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