PES 2018 PS3 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison Cycu1

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????? ?... на ps4 конечно поинтереснее газон видно разметка летит
SAQZ... Pes looks pretty good for ps3
p4ever8... old gen were powerful not like the current gen mediocre performance
ULTra G... ps4 pro 30/60 fps ps3 20fps .. next gen vs old gen ..
Fahad A... Omg ps3 face real
TheBurl... Both looks like shit
It's the same game copy pasted
RicoHD... 0:36 Suarez in ps4 is creppy
chris a... I think they should atop upgrading graphics or slow this down soon it will be so good that you can't even overcome it and ps5 will be the same ps6 so no one will buy it?
chris a... Omg ps4 looks so realistic
Nepali ... All game have to make for ps3
Awesome... PES 2010 has much more support on PS3
In PES 10 , I save something from a team , It works
In PES 18 , There is problem every time I save
Awesome... The movement on PS3 look kind of like an racing game
Larau E... Excuse me, but in a lot of extract Fifa 18 is better in a PS3 than in a PS4 Pro... (Excuse me for my English..)
The oth... Jeez it’s like FIFA 14’ all over again.
MO Aadi... I was scared after seeing Suarez like this
Radya G... I go with PS3
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