ReCore Original vs Definitive Edition Xbox One S Graphics Comparison Cycu1

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Douglas... Compra garantida
Douglas... Compra garantida
Zach K... They managed to remaster a current gen game. Thats impressive. Love that everything was free, if this was sony, theyd easily rerelease it and charge $40, or charge $20 for the upgrade
NewYork... So like most games, Recore needed more time before it was released.
Jeremy ... Doesn't change the fact that the game sucks, or the ending, gameplay etc. Has to be the dumbest idea since Clear Pepsi. NOTHINGS CHANGED!
steveot... Not sure I like the HDR patch it makes the visuals a bit dull or muddy imo
Xcentr1... Looks like better motion blur... better ambient occlusion. better shadows, better textures.. and maybe better bump mapping...

at first glance.
Larry T... Record is a good game people really need to try it for themselves plus it was only 40 bucks.
Nicolas... So basically the dog is now a little more shiny :/...
Jahmeen... Unfinished game
Serhat ... In order to get full advantage of the Definitiv Edition, you need to play it on the One X !
Joshua ... I heard this game has quite a lot of hate, why is that?
Heisenb... Basically just better bloom effects, and that's it. Gotta wait for the Xbox One X for the real upgrade.
Armandi... i am tempted to get a game pass subscription for this game. It's recently added
Onyx... And, Assasin Creed Origins as i heard will be a new game that will release in 2018 probably.
Onyx... Dude, thanks for the video i was wondering if i should buy it. Because i like games with good graphics. Dude, as i said last video i can give you an good game to play, that you can showcase and make a Graphics Compararison.
justmki... Looks like nice refinement. Just got the game and it plays nice.
RogueAg... Nice Video. Best Game
Vladimi... Very Good Game. Aka Metroid Prime
Olgierd... Recore was a fun game, I don't know why so much hate. Maybe ppl should play it before hate. Anyway good video?? but the music is a little annoying
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