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Aleu th... Wow Thank you!❤
Viníci... Very good Clover, was what I and many people expect from you.
We should always look for something good when we are surrounded by bad things that make us bad.
NotAFur... Im so happy to see that youre still here ;w;
And tysm for the overlays <3
LionKit... So that means you will never have to leave YT and Skype?
? Music... Glad to see you're still here. I can understand a break would be good for you. I hope everything gets better for you soon and return to editing.
Wolfy11... you scared us all for sure, glad to see you're still here <3 hope things get better for you soon :( <3
Noonchi... Man you had me really worried about you, I'm glad you're alright. Also, thank you for these overlays they will be in really good use for me <3333
Ingenio... Wow I'm so glad your alright! Stay strong dear!;) you can do it!
Brandon... You really had us all worried. In fact, I thought it was to late. I'm glad you are still alright. As for getting stressed out from everything in your life, I know how it feels. I've been having the same issues while making fandubs and doing voice work in general. I do feel like my videos just aren't grabbing peoples' attention. And at times, I feel like my channel is not worth people's time. For me, I had a few seizures the past few months. And my absences from school have affected my grades pretty bad. But hopefully, things will get better in the future. As for video making, always experiment. Try new things.
TeamTLK... Aww dear I really hope you do feel better. <33 Just know that in the rain, the sun will always somehow find it's way back for you. I'm here to talk. Always am ^^
Thanks for the overlays and sparklez too!! :DD
moodz... these can be so useful, thanks so much buddy <3333
i hope you feel better soon, i'm here for you ❤❤
Wried L... Don't scare us like that again Clover. we can a lot about you. hell look at all the stuff you made and all the support you got from it? You have a talent. That is making great videos like that and making people smile. you may not know me as well as others but I care for everyone until they hurt my friends. <3
Sherala... Thanks so much sweetheart <3
KyaChan... winrar is a gratis dowload??
Zoniixa... awh thankie Cloverrr <33
Abie Pr... Thank you dear ??
Btloov... Thank you :D If this ever gets downloaded :D my internet connection is too slow for this big files XD
[Moved ... Thank you for these wonderful overlays ♥ Stay strong, we love you!
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