For Milena, Eva and Bea] Wolf Children ll Down {AMV} Clover.

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Amnayel... Amazing! And please watch this video!
Bambi S... This movie made me cry so bad ???
Bambi S... The movie made me cry so badly.
HaruKit... soo cute <3
?????? ... This is edited amazingly
Abie Pr... Beautiful dear!
CocaFil... Ach, jakie to jest cudowne!
Connor ... What lovely video keep up with the good work ?
Cute Ta... Przepiękne!! <333 ^^
xCrysta... Ahh I love this movie omg this is super beautiful ♥
Wolf Tr... Amazing! I love it! X3
LionKit... So perfect I have no words for it. I'm sure Milena, Eva and Bea will love it and forgive you:)
Xikkin... Wow! This is so gorgeous <33

I love both this movie and song. You fit the song perfectly and I love the colours <33
blustar... Wow, what a perfect video! I really loved it! And .. made me cry, this song is beautiful .. but I never resist, and I end up crying! ♥
Thank you dear, I loved it ♥♥♥ I will always be here to support you, and listen! You are very special to me ily! ♥
Makanai... I love the perspective to show only Ame howling to then make a transition when he "drowns". Still you managed to show us Yuki howls at the end, it's so cute!
Beautiful AMV, I can't dislike a Wolf Children AMV anyway, well made ! =)
We need more AMV of this masterpiece in that community! ♡ Thank you for making this
Jason R... U did a lovely job.
KiaraMa... more amv like this please * __ * this is just wonderful :) I love this movie too ^^ good job dear :*
Speckle... I love it.You've done a good job.
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