Honest ;; MEP part Clover.

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uaoIPeWCSb0

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Kami232... Wow ale mega
•A???... I love it! ❤️
xMeraki... Woah. I love this! ♥️
TheySai... this is so amazing! I honestly think you're one of the best editors out there. every time I see your videos I get so inspired to edit haha. I especially love the glitch effect and all the manips you did. <3333
Julie D... This is wonderful as always ♥♥
SaraCha... How could you say this is shitty!?
You don't know what I'd give to be so talented in crossovers like you ♥
BlueSky... I am highly intrested in the new MEP channel you doing
Actually want to do/open more vent MEPs, but I dont want to spame my channel I dont know
Argo. A... Beautiful dear!
Eve... OMG this is AMAZING!!!!!!
LionKit... This is so Wonderful♥ 0:07 that was so amazing<3
?funkyy... this is so amazong :oooo
The Hun... It's not shitty like you said. I think it's amazing. I wish I have this editing skills. I make videos too but I would like to make them like yours but I'm not able to do it sadly ;-;.
And believe in yourself. You will get inspiration again :) Don't worry
Lena Th... dammm! Beautiful!
narutoq... The coloring and style of editing for this really works. Really love the coloring. I do think that having zira complete the cutting motion would have made a smoother transition. Other than that I like how it looks.
Adrienn... Amazing work ^^ I love this C:
kiari?a... This is so Amazing aaah
?????? ... This is amazing
TorakWo... This looks epic! Amazing job!!!
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