Because Of You ll VENT MEP FULL] Clover.

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xIncore... Outstanding job
Oliwia ... I know this sad song!
Good job
Lpslove... Who cried I know I did
???????... обожаю эту песню
Kevin V... I cried so much
rachle ... this song reminds me of my dad and since I'm his little girl my mom and stepdad were goth when I was a baby. and I havent seen my dad since.
Disney ... I love that!u Amazing that dear i sub u dear!
I love ... My favorite characters in this was Angel and Kiara
Lil Puf... I love bambi part he my fave
Lil Puf... I keep replaying it then almost cried like if that happened to you??
Dreamer... I love the lion king so much
Cierra ... This is so...???

Real to me?
It hurts. But amazing job.
kion x ... Love it my life
Mikah :... I like the all parts! But it is so sad :,( this is awesome and touching,and the end is impressionant! I love your videos ???
Princes... I hope u feel better ?? l have the same thing like u
Creativ... What's the theme/story line
Clover. ciekawostki

Clover. ciekawostki

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