Seiswell ciekawostki

Seiswell ciekawostki

Historia kanału Seiswell zaczyna się w dniu 2012-12-30 18:31:54.
Kanał od czasu założenia nagrał już, 85 filmów przez okres działania kanału
filmy zostały wyświetlone 1942192 razy.
Aktualnie kanał śledzi ponad 9490 użytkowników.

Life is Awesome #3

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Marble_... You have on life. live it to the fullest have some fun.If your scared of something well don't cause you have one chance to do it if your scared of a roller coaster just do it get on it and lock your self in it then you will know what fun feels like and you will not be scared any more LIVE TO THE FULLEST ?????⛴???????⛹?‍♀️?
Marble_... This clams me down
Zoltan ... Of course is awesome
Tiff po... Life is awe wait no life is horrible jk amazing :)
Rob Ran... I have seen a lot of collab. videos and this is
by far one of the best
Just Me... Lot of people haven't watched this video and I want to say that it changed my point of vision I know the world is a really hurtful place but the people who make it harmful need to watch this video and understand that life is important to everyone
Mostafi... awesome song
SpeedWa... thank your dad for not using a condom
Cesar C... Pero que hermoso vídeo tan perfecto, lindo y mágico <3 <3 <3 lo amo!! es precioso <3 alguien sabe la canción del vídeo!???
O H... First part made me get
Crabby ... Life sucks
Andreas... Make video about real human heroes.
jj Wall... One last chance to breed?
Benjami... very nice movie.
lion41b... Speed kills
Martyna... Czasami ciężko uwierzyć że to polska robi takie filmy, a tak mało osób to zauważa
nojood ... THIS IS AMAZING
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