The World is Beautiful Timelapse & Hyperlapse YoungczuuX

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Kester ... The Earth is so beautiful. I really hope that we can reduce our carbon footprint so that future generations can witness the same beauty
Tomasz ... it's an amazing movie, in Poland we have such an expression "jaw drops", my jaw dropped from the impression
Jose Ra... sorry, can i use your video on a project of mine just to illustrate an idea?it will be a link...
ICony l... Thanks for this vid!!!
Austin ... how anyone could give this video a dislike is a simple idiot and does not appreciate the beauty of our world and the work put in to making this awesome video this person got to go all over and see amazing places if i had the chance to do the same i would want to share my experiences with people who would appreciate it if your an asshole and dont like good work like this keep it to your self
ShadowN... This is a nice version of the song TIME
Irene D... To God be all the glory!
Emperor... Awesome bro......and it's.....just..... amazing ?...and love from India.....
nathan ... CRIAÇÃO DE DEUS
Joey we... 3:24 courage the cowardly dogs house
Enerchi... the world is a magnificent beautiful playground and we get to play out our dreams, right here, right now
ZERO SP... Super dope!
Shreya ... This is stunning, I’m in awe
Janie r... You should do a video on how beautiful falling in Love is ❤️
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