Real World Third Person Perspective VR / AR Experiment

More info arduino and 3d printing tutorials. The prototype and video were created in only 2 days as an experiment. Enjoy & Share if you like it :) The idea is to develop Virtual Reality in a Third Person Perspective view. This wearable can enchance human visual performance for use in real world applications where extended vision benefits the user.World Third Person Perspective Experiment

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Space B... Is it possible if you could actually use small camera drones instead, automatically following you?
Red Tra... It would be better to use a custom drone and have it follow them with a 360 camera instead of a go pro.
Akal Th... Or you could just use trinus vr and have your computer webcam behind you but you have to be on the same wifi
Rafee S... gives me an idea, attach a gopro behind my car connect it to phone, use vr, instant back cam
Android... wish I had this kind of money to blow
Android... cool now we can be even more detached from reality!
Attiliu... Guess i wasn't quick enough.. I've had the idea for years to make a 3rd person view. Well good luck on the journey you beat me to it
~ Guy with the same idea.
Ronaldo... So inspiring, man! Thank you!
Doglins... This is so cool OMG. Imagine on a car... I wanna try this
Gio G... I thought I was the first person to think of this for some dumb reason lmao I thought it'd be interesting
the sco... You should use a drone that follows you automaticly
vartin4... Polish and proud
twitte0... okay have the camera spring arm swing orbitally than we talk!!
Playben... That would be better if you use a folowing drone
Playben... That would be better if you use a folowing drone
Real_Ec... can i order this
juan Le... future vr gaming
Louis H... See now I had this idea in my brain so I searched ??
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