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VistaMoto: finally someone who listens to good music
TheMeanieBee: What's the song at ~17:00?
ppaannjjoo: does froggen speak?
Nikolaj Bejder: Im proud of being danish!
Daniel vega: heater sond..
boiniq: why he is building the liandry's si early?
Moritz Averbeck: why did he not skilled whis W in his early?
Niko: I don't think you are able to controll which player streams because fanboi puts up streams, no streams=no videos.
Jackie: Cass's W isn't that great unless you want to farm and push the lane. Her Q and E work very well together because of how her e works and how easy it is to land a Q.
Jackie: Liandrys is DoT item and Cass is a DoT character It basically makes it so her q's do twice the damage.
Ataberk türk: you are the king
Monkey D. Garp: More scarra Pls
BreadShuttIe: Jugling alex ich.
BeatsandBox: "gj famous players" :D
sebbefalt: Scarra and Wingsofdeath = shared #1
skaboss27: Cass E has a code that considers it an AoE spell because otherwise it would be too strong for spell vamp. That is why twin fang is written as a multi target spell. So it does not proc furor boots, and the rylai slow is weak from twin fang. But rylai is still very good on cass
Andrew: is that alex ich?
slapshot: lmao, froggen is using a BoL what a slime bag
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