MLP FiM "I've Got to Find a Way" Multi Language - Pluszcz

Unfortunately, no original version in thisparison. 12 versions so 4 songs, each of them with 3 different versions.. Part1: 0:00 Russian 0:23 French 0:42 BR/PRT, Part 2: 1:05 Spanish 1:26 Dutch 1:45 Romanian, Part 3: 2:08 Polish 2:29 Finnish 2:48 Hungari
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shanna simplement: french The best<33333
Britney Wintergreen: French, german and polish are awsome (for me)?
Hey Ray!: а где английская
?l??????y ?????? ?l: I'm glad your one favourite version is polish version ^^
Diana Andreea: Russian: 6/10
French: 10/10
Brazilian Portuguese: 10/10
Spanish: 8/10
Dutch: 10/10
Polish: 9/10
Finnish: 7/10
Hungarian: 6/10
German: 10/10
Latino: 9/10
Italiano: 10/10
Messie and His siblings: I dont under stand thise languege i just under stan poshto
Rainbow Dash: french is the best
pastelpaw: the Russian Polish German and  Spanish one is so beautiful
Moon the wolf: I love all and great job making this awesome video!!<3
selena selinaxzgomez: 1 French ???
2 Spanish ?
3 Polish ?
4 Finnish ?
5 English ?
6 Italian ?
Torcia Faworcia: German <33333333333333333333333333333333333333
Clarke Hoagland: The person who sang in Hungarian has a good voice
TreeGrass: Twlight has to fix what she has done
How are you gonna fix it
Charles PAILLOT: 1) French
2) Italian
3) Spanish
4) German
MLP Video Lena: German and Russian:3
Salena Crook: Sorry i don't speak any of those launges.
otaku_kawaii_ 24: me gustaron todos!..por cierto yo escucho el latino <3
Adam X: Russian 19/19
Finish 18/19
Hungarian 17/19
French 10/19
Spanish 9.5/19
Brazilian Portugue 9/19
Latino 8/19
Romanian 4/19
Italian 4/19
German 3.5/19
Polish 2.5/19
Flamix1993: French version is beautiful !! I'am french.
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