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To avoid any issues with Hasbro content, etc, I made two parts of this dubparison instead of 1, but much longer version. 0:00 Romanian 0:26 Finnish 0:58 French 1:30 Spanish 2:03 BR/PRT 2:29 Italian 2:56 Russian Like in previous dubparison(What My Cutie
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TsuKeeki: Romanian: CUTE 10/10
Finnish : just ok 9/10
French: Good voices 10/10
Spanish: Good 10/10
BR/PRT: cute 9/10
Italian: SO ADORABLE TWILY!!!! 10/10
Russian: Awesome 10/10
Best:, Spanish, Italian, Russian.
Good: BR/PRT, Finnish, French, Romanian
Worst: no one
Ghizdavu Octavian: I don't want to offend you,but how can you say that about the romanian dub .How would you feel if someone told you the polish version is one of the weakest?I think the romanian version is pretty good ,not the best,but still pretty good.
Ghizdavu Octavian: I don't want to offend you,but how can you say that about the Romanian version.How would you feel if someone would tell you the polish version is one of the weakest?I actually think the Romanian version it's pretty good,not the best,but still good
Rainbow Dash: Save the best language for last
Andrzej Przyby?: Polish sounds better. Really.
Dylan J: I love how the marching segment was in Russian XD
Olli Ikonen: finnish fluttershy's voice actor forgot het high pitched voice
Midnight Shower OFFICIAL Ü: My Opinion:
Twilight - French
Applejack - German , Italian
Rarity - German , Italian
Fluttershy - Polski
Pinkie - Latino
Rainbow dash - French
The best - FRENCH
MisterFrenchLulu: English translation from French part (because Bored..yeah) :

"-What just happened ?
-We don't have the time to explain... But we need you ! Applejack try to sew dresses..
-Say no more !"

Applejack needs you,
She works hard but she can't do it
But with you she'll have a chance,
And you'll see how things will nuance

True friends like to help you,
They are still there for support
Zoe Littlest Pet Shop Multilanguage: 1.Finnish
4. Italian
Thunder Blaze: 1. French
2. Spanish
3. Brazilian
4. Italian

Best: French , spanish , Brazilian , italian..
Worst: Romanian
SomePony Chanel: Romanian: 6/10
Finnish: 10/10
French: 10/10
Spanish: 10/10
Brazilian: 8/10
Italian: 10/10
Russian: 10/10
Herbert Aigner: Spanish is best
Octa Boom: 3:00 They has no cuite mark
DiamondG_45_Kelly 2458: Romanian doesn't sound perfect for this song but all the others are SPIFFING for this song perfectly
Darkness205 AJ: Romanian - 6/10
Finnish - 11/10
French - 5/10
Spanish - 7/10
Italian - 6/10
Russian - 3 /10
Mario Luca Luncasu: romanian ??????????????????????????
Ryusellsha Murumuru: Spanish Rarity ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Evelyn Tellex: Brazilian rarity sound so LIT.
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