Just Dance 2014 Polska Rich girl 5 stars Xbox360 airis1983

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCZjWx51rCM

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LaChica... como haces para bailar sin ningun mando?
Krissy ... Why didn't you want to make some group dance videos with your friends? You are such a beautiful girl so don't you dare say you have no friends! By the way I love Poland :)
Quoo974... Hello!! You are a beautiful girl and ask a question secret do you have a boyfriend? >< because I love you! <3
Christi... Can you do don't you worry child and hey mama?
Limasvj... Awesome! Congratulations from Brazil :)
María... Can you dance "C'mon" and "she wolf"?
Jacquel... What do you use to edit your videos? I want to start making videos like you because you inspire me! :)
zbolcio... Kupisz JustDance 2016? :D
Julita ... Kocham cię ! ;)
Zbynio ... Łapka w górę!
Ramiro ... you can dance She Wolf (Falling to pieces)?
Mark We... So sexy! Can't wait for the chair version <3