Opel Mokka X ENG Test Drive and Review Marek Drives

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h6CQjEEzqO8

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Tony Jo... Lost in translation
Volvobu... Is this Mokka also produced in Poland at Gliwice factory, where the new Astra and Corsa are produced? I think that it makes Opel to a very famous car brand in Poland.
Jacques... No faking opel ?
Andrew ... The rear leg room is a joke for someone 6 foot 4! The Japanese car makers also have to finally accomodate taller North Americans when selling their cars here!
Andrew ... In Alberta Canada we do not use front number plates either which I think is stupid! it is not required.
Blake S... So weird that the rear seats protrude from the bottom. Let's be honest, this is a make shift product. A car raised with no engineering spent on the actual product.
Comment... Ugly, bad to drive, bad reliability(it's GM after all), over priced... Who wouldn't want one?
mipmipm... what is the stuff under the rear seats at 4:44? It looks like the petrol tank, which would be quite unsafe. The metal bar around it shows how much of an afterthought this all is.
Patrick... After all, it's a Corsa with a jacked up suspension and a jacked up price.
FunAndR... Sensible choice as a second car in the family. Thanks for review
Leonis ... looks like a cheaped out ford kuga which wasn't luxury to begin with lol
John Mc... Thanks for the review Marek. How does this new model compare with others in the same sector e.g. Juke, 2008 and Captur?
Dragos... The front center armrest is a joke.
Rick... It looks boring af
ast5515... Expensive and crap. Sorry Opel.