He's a Pirate piano solo Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack Wlodar Piano Covers

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cunCm8PPkAQ

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Lewis F... Wow that's amazing
Mystic ... Hey check out our piano version of He is a pirate
Pirates of Caribbean - He is a Pirate - Piano Solo HD
Do subscribe
Steven ... Fantastic! Love your work :)
toomy90... nice! try persian music. I think it would be awesome!
Also, if you are looking for more subscribers, give a brief intro at the beginning of the videos or make vides where you talk. I think that would build a relationship between you and the viewers. For me, this is cool enough, but I am so passionate about music. People get board of repeating the same thing in every video. So yea ..

Best of luck doctor ! you are really good !
Merche ... Gosh this is amazing and authentic
jasi...... Very good :)
Skaider... This is the best song that he played (my opinion!)! good luck!
Pal Alb... I saw your com. to Birdy's version of Skinny Love that you make some piano covers, like VikNoob said, i dident expect much,but DAMN, ur good man. Keep this up and you will be greater.GJ
Matt Bu... Nice keep playing like that and the subs will come :)
Wlodar ... You made my day!!!;) thank YOU
VikNoob... Wow. I came here after I saw one of your post in some music video. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting much. But what I heard just blew me away! Great work.
Wlodar ... Dzięki:)Znalazłem gdzieś:P na stronce kylelandry(dot)com znajdziesz nuty:)Pozdro
Matolog... Super! :D Grasz ze słuchu, czy znalazłeś gdzieś nuty?
CeyCey... Please Play "The Medallion Calls"please!!!!
Sugar G... I have a question, can you give me the notes in letters?
Aku Suk... Have you got sheet music for that arrangement? I really would like to play that...
Sprayco... Awesome!!!!
This is reaaaaaaally one of the best versions I've heard!!!
Wlodar ... ale co???;>
Cruxxx... Lewa ręka coś nie tak;>
wlodar0... This is great! i love this soundtrack!
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