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heyitz ... Just out of curiosity, what do you record on?
Weeb Ga... I don't know why but I keep listening to your version instead of Yiruma's
Akidna ... how do you pronounce Wlodar?
Petra L... Nice and beautiful ! Enjoyed ????
??? ???... 여기에 내가 글을쓰면 한국인들이 좋아할거야 피아노 멋져요><♡
Areej S... nice playing i love it
akikoab... I reached here from Yiruma's play. You are wonderful too. Wish you good luck.
Hwang m... You're amazing I loved you and your playing this my favorits song from Yiruma
And you played it perfectly
Melanie... Beautiful play!! Keep up the good work and good luck to you in everything you do!!
Sooty S... Very nice , just wondering if your using any vst's or the sounds directly from piano ?
Nate An... Nobody can play like Yiruma does... but this is the closest cover I've seen of this song so far. It sounds great, you've got the feel down and everything. There's a lot more to his music than just notes on paper.
Anett N... I'm studying for my exam, it's 2 am, and I feel myself energetic from your play! :) Really thank you! :)
oktnbrk... you're really talented, keep goin'!
Wlodar ... Your opinion makes me happy:) Glad that you came here:) Thanks :)
Marife ... Very lovely. One of my favorite songs. Your timing was perfect and very heart-felt. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, we are very lucky to have been given the opportunity to hear you play.
nhi tra... it's very nice cover :)
redcs25... WOW ;D
In this Moment i´m trying to play this song but it´s so difficult -.-
You´re an amazing piano Player :)
greets from germany
Wlodar Piano Covers ciekawostki

Wlodar Piano Covers ciekawostki

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