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Blue Be... one of my favourite films
Katelyn... Wow I'm so envious. You'll make it to your dream. :)
Fancy F... I subscribed and forwarded your link to others.
If u are a doctor I hope you are a surgeon, because your hands are skilful.
Wlodar ... Like your opinion:P Thanks!!!
Nurul N... You have a wonderful talent :D
Wlodar ... And i Am glad that you reached here on my channel:P Thank you very much!!!
Senryus... This is my favourite song, tears literally swell up in my eyes when I hear it :') Just as I thought that it couldn't be better, you brought it up to an entire new level. Thank you sooooo much :) I am so glad that I could hear this. Please please do more of this!!
Biology... how is medical school?
Wlodar ... Thanks:)You are great:) and helpfull. Thanks for sharing with your friends. I really appreciate it:)
muffika... This is very awesome. Watched some of your videos, and you got my subscribe. I hope it will help you, I also gonna send your channel to some of my friends! I wish you the best man, and keep up the good work!
Bbyygir... Nice nice ! it's very nice :-)
Eric Br... Awesome ! Wonderful ! :)
thewind... your music is great and You are Handsome!!!:*
wlodar0... why so litlle views???
Andzej ... Nice :)))
Tom Cle... Lovely performance!!! :-)
Jack Si... Awesome! Keep it up.
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Wlodar Piano Covers ciekawostki

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