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Kingsha... You just woke a superman fan... You just broke the universe
Imani A... That sounds just like the song you r good
MaTT BO... dam nice job
Cinch V... The mixing of the latest Man of Steel and the most iconic rhythm of Superman. Hmm... Is like putting touching moments and the nostalgic feeling in one piano performance. This is something should be played at the ending credit in cinema. Good job.
astar21... SuperPianoMan:P
optimus... very good but isn't 0:37 it from ukpiano?just saying but still it's awesome!!
Alfrion... Man, you're super ! I really liked the John Williams allusion as well as the whole play
michael... 10/10?? nope
12/10 :D
spoocy1... awesome one of my favourite movie themes of all time good job
Baby Me... Normally, I don't like spam, but this was awesome! Thanks for sending me this! Yoou're really talented! This was one of the first awesome Superman movies released for a long time. Good theme song too. Awesome cover! Hope to see more. If you haven't already, could you do the Iron Man 3 theme on piano? Thanks! You have one more sub.
John Jo... this is seriously great mate :) loved it ! i love the piano and the Man of Steel music with it is just amazing,do you have the sheet music ???
Wlodar ... But I am saving the world:) I am Med Student Now :)
Norman ... very nice :)
JANXEN ... cool2watch !
wlodar0... great cover !!!!!!!!!
mynamec... MUST.UPLOAD.TUTORIAL.: p p.s. Lovely cover :)
sylvest... This intro is very touching!!!Almost I can fly listening to it:)
thewind... I haven't watched this movie yet. But this melody is soo great. Now I heve to see this movie:) Keep it Up!!!
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Wlodar Piano Covers ciekawostki

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