Yiruma Maybe piano cover Wlodar Piano Covers

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4cSSA41g3g

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Au gust... Can I know what piano are you using? Thanks :)
Patrick... Your realy amazing !
qwer123... wooow you are really great! I love this song and you play it very very very well! You have a lot of talente please never surrender with this 
chuache... Saw your comment somewhere else and decided to check out your videos. I love it. Hope you continue to chase your dreams! All the best! :D
Popping... Just amazing.
Wlodar ... Maybe Maybe:) in a few moments:) Thanks for opininon:)
Wlodar ... Thank You:)
Faris B... Very nice. But I think you did a little too fast
Wlodar ... Thanks for watching!!!
Baabooc... One of my favourite song of Yiruma. Thank !
Ataraxi... You're so precious <3
Wlodar ... Thanks for watching and kind comment:)
PlsSmil... I like this very much, thanks for the upload :-)
Miguel ... Nice! Great job :)
Wlodar ... Hi:) Thanks for you kind words:) I really appreciate your request, but I will not play it. I wolud prefer sth more playable for Piano. Moreover, Sail by Awlonation is too old for covering that. Also I like diffrent style of music:) sorry for that:)
I Hope You will still my subscriber and enjoy my new videos:) Have a nice day!!!
The Wri... If u can't pls get in touch with me.
Wlodar Piano Covers ciekawostki

Wlodar Piano Covers ciekawostki

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