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Exploring Poland: Warsaw

I'm back with another video showing you how Poland is looking like! So Warsaw is a capital city and it's way way way bigger than it seems to be in this video. I simply decided to show you my favourite parts of it! What do you think about this video? ________________________________________­_______ Song by Rachael Nemiroff: Her channel: Fanpage: You saw a friend of mine in this video, her name is Emma, you can find her on instagram as @scootalo ________________________________________­_______ Check out my social networking sites: ☆fanpage: ☆twitter: ☆blog: ☆colorful tumblr: ☆b&w tumblr: ☆instagram: ☆snapchat & vine: sandraurbansky ☆ Make me smile and give me some thumbs up and leave a comment + don't forget to subscribe! Love ya lots x Thanks for watching! Enjoy your stay and have a good day! XOExploring Poland: Warsaw

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Julie K...breathtaking video! ❤️
Maciej Ty śpiewasz? ??
Vianna...Świetny filmik! ;)
Kiara A...You're so pretty❤️ subscribe to our channel??
Malina ...I'm going to Poland for a month in summer ???
CUTIE L...So pretty! I'm from Poland too and I was born in Sieradz (Below Łodz) I've lived in London since I was 6 though, but I love Poland so so so much! :) Miss it a lot :( Super video! :) :) :)
Hii Car...filmik który ukazuje całe piękno Warszawy, niesamowity! ❤️
Makayla...Wonderful, as always, Sandra!! You're going to love that you have these little snippets of your life in 30 years from now :) Also I love that I get to see a bit more of this world we all live in through your videos! xoxo love from the USA <3
Mi?ka...Perfect as always??
Stella ...san this video is SO good literally, you've done an amazing job! Love you lots <3
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