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'Crazy Paints' Backstage | Mone Photos & SanVlog

*open me for more info* Some time ago me and Mone decided to do this kind of a photoshoot cause it seemed to be a funny one to do, same as a nice one when it comes to results (we hoped it'll be nice actually). In this video you can see how everything looked from the side of a backstage. If you want to see pics then go to Mone's blog: Mone's fanpage: Thanks to Pogo for letting me use this song! His channel: The song I used: ____________________________________________________ Check out my social networking sites: ☆fanpage: ☆twitter: ☆blog: ☆colorful tumblr: ☆b&w tumblr: ☆instagram: ☆snapchat & vine: sandraurbansky ☆ Send me an e mail! Buisness Enquiries: Thanks for watching! Enjoy your stay and have a good day! XO&039;Crazy Paints&039; Backstage Photos & SanVlog

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Katy Su...This is so so cool wow great video San!! :)
Astrid ...That was prettyyyyyyy!
lattesd...OMG this was the best thing ever, you are such a model! xoxo
Helen M...Was that special paint or not?

Stella ...BAE this looks amazing, I absolutely love this!
I am genuinely so excited to see the photos now haha <3
Martka ...Amazing! <3
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