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Box Swap w/ Fabulous Hannah

I know that this video was a very VERY chaotic one but I was so excited to open this box and all those goodies.... OH MY GOD! I'm so thankful to Hannah and happy that we've done it together! Make sure to watch Hannah unpacking her box from me and subscribe to her channel as well: Previous video: Previous daily vlog: ____________________________________________________________ FANPAGE: TWITTER: BLOG: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: ASK: SNAPCHAT: sandraurbansky Send me an e mail! Buisness Enquiries: Thanks for watching! Enjoy your stay and have a good day! xxFabulous Hannah

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gówno ...Epic episode take more movies ^_^
AriLove...twoja siostra rozumiała co mówisz?
Gwenyth...Anyone wanna do this with me?
Maren I...I'm loving these Box Swap videos! I have never seen any of your videos yet but I am subscribing because you are so pretty and this video was amazing!! from Hannah's chan!!! was born in Poland .. came to US 20 years ago ... you dont sound like one of us? what made you go to Poland ... sorry just found your chan
Julia P...Everything looks so nice! I love this cookies (?) <3
Kiera you want to do a box swap?
Loeviis...A bit late, but i came from Hannah's channel. I subbed!
The Bar...Your accent is the CUTEST!
zaryah ...I was wondering if you wanted to do a swap with me dm me on Instagram user -zaryah_zarie
Savanna...Love her accent
Amelie ...Would you like to do a swap with me?
J&G Fre...Anyone want to swap with me??
ann lee...aww, this box was do cute. I watched your video before I subscribe Hannah. One day when I sow her video "box swap". I was watching and I realize wait stop I know San! So it was do exaiting to me haha xxx
Belle P...OH MY GOSH YES YOU ARE MY NEW FAVOURITE YOUTUBER!! You are polish ( Poland is my favourite place on earth I absolutely love it ) and you're so sweet :)
MollyAn...I came from Hannah's channel and subscribed straight away
Realby ...Awesome swop unboxing:) Please look at my channel and sub back xxx
kerrie ...Dose anyone want to swap
libby03...i really wanna do a box swap but the p & p would cost loads :(
Della D...Came from Hannah's channel! Your presents were so sweet! Loving this video already ☺️
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