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Autumn Lookbook 2015

Let me know in the comments section which outfit is your fave! :)x Thanks to Jonah Baker for letting me use his cover in this video! Jonah's channel: Honey I'm Good // Cotton Eye Joe mashup: Previous video: Previous daily vlog: FANPAGE: TWITTER: BLOG: TUMBLR: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: ASK: SNAPCHAT: sandraurbansky OUTFIT 1 crop top: skirt: pull&bear coat: motel italia tights: primark oxfords: hegos OUTFIT 2 shirt: shein trousers: topshop oxfords: hegos hat: h&m coat: united colours of benetton OUTFIT 3 scarf: versace parka: zara trousers: zara blouse: shein shoes: bought theme somewhere in italy OUTFIT 4 sweater: uco benetton scarf: vintage headband: leggins: uco benetton shoes: bought them somewhere in italy necklace: primark OUTFIT 5 jacket: zara t shirt: trousers: topshop shoes: hegos OUTFIT 6 dungarees: pull&bear t shirt: zara oxfords: hegos jacket: only Send me an e mail! Buisness Enquiries: Thank you so much for being here with me, I really appreciate your support and the huge amount of positivity that you guys bring to my life! Don't forget to spread happiness and be true to who you are deep inside ❤ *sending internet hugzzz* love ya xxxAutumn Lookbook

Najlepsze komentarze:

Pati... I know that you are from Poland and I'm from Poland too. I would like to speak English just like you. :( I watched your story with this language on DDOB channel. You're speaking like native Briton :D
Molly R... so cute! love how well made the video is :) I just bought those shoes in the first outfit! love love love!
Christi... Best look book I've seen, your editing ????❤️
Kaiser ... Very cute video <3
Hannah ... Cuteeeee ugh why can't I pull of cute autumn outfits???
YouTube... You are gorgeous!
Makayla... You are the most adorable person ever on the planet Sandra!!! I love your look books so much <3 xx
Jeulian... great video, it is sooooo fun to watch <3 new subbie here btw, mind checking out my latest video, liking it and subbing back? let’s support each other and be friends <3 xoxo
Weronik... jesteś najbardziej pozytywna osobą jaką widziałam <3 aż zaraźliwe haha
agniesz... Twoje filmiki zawsze mają w sobie tyle twojej pozytywnej energii ? piękne stylizacje i oczywiście świetny klimat filmiku ❤️
Kasia S... I love the branch scene haha :)
LucyAnd... This was the CUTEST lookbook I have ever seen! Love it so much! :)
Zuzanna... Wow, amazing video and outfits! And I can't wait for video with Ryan ♥
Emilyn... I LOVE THIS VID SAN you're gorgeous as always <3
also that third outfit was bomb!!
Katy Su... This is absolutely fantastic! I know you worked so so hard on this and it looks incredible :) Lovely video, San xx Honestly your videos are some of my favorites I've ever watched and ones like these are exactly why, amazing job ?
BINKY... woweeee I loved the way you filmed/edited this!
Fabulou... This is one of my favourite videos of yours, it's so well made! I'm loving watching your channel grow, very proud of you :) xx
Aleksan... omg, the second outfit <3 btw, subscribed!
KoralIn... So cool outfits ! And you are so pretty !
carmenj... you are beautiful! love your style ??
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