Miqu Beats ciekawostki

Miqu Beats ciekawostki

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Smooth Rap Instrumental Calmness #NEW

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keanu t...baby girl got me tripping, she got me thinking, i be willing to keep it easy, keep it real, as we keep it freaky, relationship in perfect connections, she be the perfect creation, hand crafted by the creator, a body of nature, with beauty unseen, exploring the wonders that a man never has seen,
King of...I love how this beat just drop like that. perfect.
londond...damn bro that cold
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Marcela...can i use this to make a song....?
Hannah ...how can i own this beat?
YOUNG R...YoungRoka/ only if they knew (music video): https://youtu.be/KMnnIZGa0bA
steve y...when you be biting me with your fangs well we loving an fucking as you lead your venom coursing threw my vains the temperature to the degrees turn up in the scene as I grasp your booty to this movies performance as you start poring to the metamorphosis orgasmic reaction leaving sex satisfaction at its best when the sweat runs down your back and your pussy is polished because before we begin I ate that for the length of time that we be fucking I take my time stretching the time as i go the depth just to leave your pussy dripping wet means I perfected the art in that now watch me arch your back in the mirror as the mirror moans back to the replication that is reflected when I am in that   just a part to a song in the making from the making of a new era production
Drastic...My name is attached to this message. Ill be dropping a track to this beat Saturday. Non profit. Thanks for the upload.
Exactly what I was looking for.
sir wee...damn to clean homie, to clean. just what i like to listen to when i role up a fatty and want to hear something clean. clean clean shit. one.
made by...Can I do this, and send it to you?
Jackal ...hey could you make a remix of botdf and Eminem please it would be awesome
Bonezy ...This beat was so hard I had to go all out https://youtu.be/BfmuOBXV1J0
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb50J2rMv9vdclewc3Y76qw