Powerful Rap Instrumental Other Love #NEW

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Najlepsze komentarze:

Phoebe ... I'm looking for a longer version of this song please can someone help me! With love an gratitude
Phoebe ... Please can you make this tune longer?? Xxx
MUSIC N... llove you ..murcii
Carlla ... ❤❤❤
Vincen ... whats beef?  R.I.P. B.I.G.
Dayle T... I got some fire for this
Dayle T... Can you email me this
Carl... El final fue un poco flojo...pero me gusto :D
Platinu... This is a great beat.
Platinu... Know stay alive the strong protect the weak but they wont survive..respond when you've opened eyes..disconnect? To busy being selfish and "wise" but wisdom fades with speech you know yourself he a clyde clown kick in ya door with a five hahaha laugh but these battlescars ain't scratches lost my bro bro beat to death in a bag shit real life nah I'm not an actress can't find my mind so sip wine in the madness hit reply these fgts try fine no theatric
Emanuel... from which song you took this sample?
ricardo... Dope I wish it was longer
ricardo... Dope I wish it was longer
The Tru... puts me in the frame of "No Lie" by 2chains
OKM... insane
yourmot... Great beat bro, some serious shit! 
Damian ... SIG
tilla t... This shit is fire, my question is how much you charge for lease and exclusive? This is a serious inquiry. And if exclusive do you provide the trackouts?
JustNut... so I seen on a lot of comments people asking you if they can use you instrumentals and you say its cool just give credit. well me and my wofe just started a youtube channel. its more geared towards some ps3 stuff and who knows from there. We don't care about trying to get "youtube famous" haha ya know we are just doing it bc we are enjoying it and its fun . anyways I am really feeling your beats and was wondering if I can use them for like the beat in intros fading in and at the end fading out...something like that. or just playing during commentaries. I will definitely throw your channel name at the end under credits and even throw a shout out for these NICE instrumentals! please let me know bc im not going to till the OK and im really looking forward to using them and I will def. be promoting your still with each video I use your beats on. take care and thanks! JustNutZZZ if  you want to maybe watch the intro I got on there to see what our channel is about.
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