Liam Gallagher Wonderwall live Leeds Festival 2017 konrad hovis

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Nicolá... what a party
Charlie... "But I don't speak yorkshireishhh."
Jum3 si... But i dont speak yorkshire-ish
Green e... His voice is back!!
Nothing... what the hell with all those fucking cellphones??
Mark Sh... Glad to have finally seen liam live
Ramesh ... .
One of the world's favourite songs...
Romulo ... Very fucking tasty
Richard... Nice one Liam
Matthew... You can hear me singing in the background
John Ke... fucking naild it with a 2 ton fucking hammer LG X
MrSixie... Cello makes it so much better, Needs actual drumming now
Kacu... it was so much fucking pleasure to be there for LG as you were x
Mike Ki... I was there, and Oh my fucking god, r kid smashed the performance, was right at the front. Was unbelievable. Live Forever LG x
Dan B... As seeing people singing in the crowd, it's like if I realise now how that song is just fucking bigger than nature...more than a song, more than a hit of 1995. This song is now a timeless hymn which will be sing by the new generation and generations to follow. And yeah, in two word: Fucking Biblical ! Godbless Noel & Liam.
Murdoc ... Why so many phones...
Niels o... Fucking Amazing!
Pele Ch... Dat cello tho
Rainy... Smashed it
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konrad hovis ciekawostki

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