Liam Gallagher Morning Glory live Leeds Festival 2017

Gallagher Morning Glory Leeds Festival

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Lena Ma... Only miss Noel :(
Graeme ... What an experience
Araceli... Guaauuuuu???????.. cómo mejoroo su vozzzzz..ha vueltooooooo.....?
BYRON A... Would of loved to of been there AS YOU WERE
Karl Wi... Sounds awesome here
Yayo... A - ma - zing!
gianni ... Liam is back !!!
Orbital... Love Liam but I don't think his band is hitting it
Antoni ... Congrats to Liam for making himself relevant again in 2017. I wouldn't take it for granted, given the people's poor tastes in music nowadays. Plus he's knocking it out of the park with that performance. Well done.
jamie s... His band sounding more confident
jamie u... Fucking BIBLICAL
Tom Hul... The mans pure rock n roll never fuckin changed for no one unlike his fake brother
Niels o... Liam IS BACK!
Helene ... He sounds so good! Brilliant concert
Daniel ... Probably the best he's sounded since his solo return! Liam is RUINING IT!!! ❤
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