Zootopia comic "Jack savage 1" by Rem289 Napisy PL Skipper PL

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_IalA01LMg

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Eve Exa... It looks like Nicks got some competition and he is losing.
Gaming ... Was anybody else unsure if you read from left to right or right to left because it looks like manga ?
Sadie M... Do u see jacks face when Juby comes up to him in the beginning?
Sondra ... Judy X Jack Savage forever!
Ann Lio... 2:23 la gelosia è nell'ariaaaa ?????
Punyees... people who think that Jack SAVAGE is ruining Judy ♡ NICK
he's not he likes Cynthia Walker, If you seen the video you'd understand but you don't you just jump to conclusions
Private... Кто русский? А?
Wolfty ... Jack VS Nick
IM NOT ... He’s handsome and I love the song and clawhauser when I see Ben I get well unno ? a um well a hard on and no I’m not gay..
Vivian ... Ha2!!??Wilde,Wilde..?Your beloved has other eyes on.He2!??
Veronik... А можно на русском
Delirio... What's the song called?
wiewura... ej a gdzie polskie napisy
golden ... Nick love judy XD 55555
Tong Vo... That is WONDERFUL
Steciu_... 1:50 no to się zaczyna
Reverse... No matter wat I will always ship judy and nick...srry jack u just ain't the one
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