Zootopia Deleted Scene! "Judy and Computer" !!! Skipper PL

Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBFKZy27pHw

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Sara Ha... Is it just me or at the end her voice sounded weird
LufiGam... 0:37 comment ready when you see it
ethan s... I see now why it was a deleted scene..........
Audera ... Judy Hopps ? - Woman Up !!!

Nick Wilde ? - Man Up !!!
LuxCiri... All that effort cutting this scene and there are still perverts out there :'v
Brinley... I think we all know why this was deleted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Audera ... No More Watching People's Butt cheeks
EdgarEX... This scene is adorable. Can’t believe it wasn’t in the actual movie
RobloxB... This was deleted because of a M A C deleted it
Strike ... Hi hi dis start Judy and Nikc closed her and Judy Talk ''What are you doing'' and Nikc ''Oops sorry''.
snuffer... Why was this not in the movie
Andrei... now press crtl+alt+delete, you dumb bunny
Jonatha... Thank you so much ?
Omaima ... Now that I’ve watched this, I could’ve sworn I had seen it before. Maybe an extended trailer before the movie came out
Another... THICC
WEird R... the f#ck is wrong with you people these comments are more cancerous than my profile picture
A Bit o... I don’t understand why this was deleted, this was a pretty good scene, and it was pretty funny watching her try to use the giant computer
animati... How you get access to deleted seen
Yin Wil... This was a deleted scene because Judy's ass in that mousepad could make so many memes and jokes.
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