Rasta Official ciekawostki

Rasta Official ciekawostki

Historia kanału Rasta Official zaczyna się w dniu 2015-04-21 13:22:10.
Kanał od czasu założenia nagrał już, 111 filmów przez okres działania kanału
filmy zostały wyświetlone 1131174 razy.
Aktualnie kanał śledzi ponad 9749 użytkowników.

Message for my REAL AUDIENCE!

Tomorrow Sniper MONTAGE! #11 ▼Send your video here [NEW PAGE!] : Do not forget to leave your thumb upwards, it's very motivating to work! for more videos. finish with youtube, you will when you want it.Message AUDIENCE!

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Rasta O... It is thanks to my real audience, I not say with close channel! Look description, writes that tomorrow is the next video Sniper Montage! #11
cody sn... I really apperciate u makeing yt better with ur amazing skill?
Pro_Sou... I love your channel :]
Nicodem... sorry i never like it your videos pls forgife me
plus nice video
zyzandr... you the dest
Ariq At... settings please
stawcio... the best c ops montage chanell
_KwiK_... I watched once more so it wasn't evil lol
TheAlex... Great!Bring more Mobile Critical Ops pls
ABA... you have subscribe and like at my.
Ether G... why i'm not from your real audience ??
moritz ... Rasta koxx
Tech Ab... your good in this game!
Cringef... I am your real audience yay
Twizzy... th reason people dont like it is u dont show clips that ppl send in anymore
Felive_... No, i like your vids too :( You are cool c-ops player and your editing are sick!! Sorry if i don't write comments, it's my problem :D
Pijot ;... ahaha k ur pro player lol
shiny b... oh, I'm sorry bro I didn't realize
Film osadzony źródło: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkNH8pmO7C299AeQb-6KIZQ