Critical OPS AK47 Pro Masters! #6 C OPS | Polska

What's up guys? New graphics on the channel! I'm sorry I did not add the movies, but I was sick. :( ▼ Send me YOUR videos ▼Music: DJ ASSASS1N Frag Out [NCS Release] ▼Want to contact me ? Discord: RASTA KOXX#6358 ▶My nickname for the game RASTA KOXX_YT Thanks for the continued support guys! ➞Polska Strona: ➞Polski Discord: Critical Masters! Polska

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Rasta O... 100 LIKE = SNIPER MONTAGE! (☆^ー^☆)
Not A M... They don't have moving recoil?
Andriod... I m playing same like u....Am i pro?
FearzAy... Hey I'm good at this to so if you wanna play with me reply me I'll tel you my kik or snapchat okay? We can play
Phát L... Thats why ak is my favorite weapon in the game??????
UmarYah... Lol KiNEMASTER
Sp1rit... I send you a Video with 3 NoScopes in a ROW! :D pls link my channel if u use my video :)
Dope... tryhard*... :d
Ferty P... You not pro
The Shx... lol if i could record on my device without lag ill make these players look horrible... no offence but i mastered 4 fingers and i have op asf kill switching lol
Get_Rig... your videos Are awesome!!
VLKR Sn... rasta, i want to semd a video to u but why always failed?
Toxic07... Elo nagrany na kompie
Helloiu... what the heck is Polska?
OLD CHA... Why the First guy is so exited ¿¿¿¿¿?????? :|
Zbieram... Rasta Jesteś epicki uwielbiam Cię
SmOkez... don't forget that u said i will be in ur next sniper montage >:) :D
UmarYah... You playing in critical ops on iOS?
HiroGam... Good Gameplay! ❤
Sp1rit... Nice video how are my montages bro? :D
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