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Not Mojo: Gotta love myself a worm-minionbuff ❤
Hime Chan: Am i the only one that has that bug that u see a random name at a champion name , like i once got "Squill" at Tristana's name i wasn't playing her but one of my teammates
jobriq5: Who gets Baron buff?
Raymond Evangelista: Is there a zzrot fighting the baron?
Rainer John Zaldivar: you just found another one of rito's broken mom's spaghetti
Alexis Mandelias: When they say to you go kys
Metin Aydogdu: guy missed smite so bad baron killed himself out of shame...
Eren Jäger: You thoight it was a baron... BUT IT WAS ME, SCORPION!!! (kills himself)
Carthus Cancer Sword: Baron Nashor has been disabled due to suicide
Pance: 1:28 Ha!
Dani Paunov: Baron Nashor has been disabled due to an in-game bug.
koo lee yee: Denied!!~~
Milek: /watch?v=lfrNLAa5Z-M I love this music
Liviu Redd: Whiletime in riots company:O shiiiitttt.(Please don't fire me boss,the codes got crazy)
Antonis Giann: Thornmail?
SyxQat ? PsyQat: Fuck riotgames lol. They call this a strategy game.. But riot devs are so incompetent that its a fucking LOTTERY game.
I dont hate LoL... tho I hate Riotgames... Not cause they are bad people... they are just really awful in their domain. thats it.
BEN AFK: 0:41 are you sure red team get gold ?
Zihan Zhang: The Baron Nashor has been denied by.....HIMSELF
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