Ludogorets Razgrad Steaua București | Football is beautiful Grzegorz Grabowiec

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rido ba... nothing is impossible
?????? ... А бе тва не са българи бе тва са шибани турци резани
Koushik... Really football is so beautiful. It made me cry. Lots of emotions....
Robby84... What is more intresting about this is Moti is an ex-player of Dinamo Bucharest wich is the biggest rival for Steaua Bucharest!!
Niko Bg... Special match!
Lucu96... Steaua was just so unlucky in that game ,it was a thriller match,Steaua was the better team but the penalty shootouts are lottery,I wish these team meet again so Steaua can get the revenge she deserves
Alex Bo... Good video! Steaua is my team! Ar trebui sa îl fi făcut pe Moti căpitan după meciul ăsta...
Vilito ... Бях на 5 нищо не разбрах но емоциите се усещаха после видях какво е станало и мога да потвърдя че Господ е българин
E Team... Aun recuerdo aquel partido , los min finales !! jajaja increíble que es la vida!!
Ramba Z... I remember going to a bar with a couple of friends back then and two teams we'd never heard of were playing CL qualifiers. Nobody was paying attention to the game at first. But around 70 minutes into the game, the entire bar was watching. By minute 85 everyone was already cheering for Ludogorets. By minute 90 everyone LOST THEIR SHIT AND WHEN MOTI SCORED AND SAVED TWO PENALTIES IT WAS PURE HAPPY FUCKING RRRRAAAAAGE :D Best game I've ever seen.
Radosti... Оne romanian against the romanian champion.Great win.
Denis D... Беше Велико! <3
?????? ... Някой през 2017,все още настръхвам като го гледам❤❤