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guinnes... The word legend is used all to often nowadays but he will always be A TRUE LEGEND. ??
Richard... 4 years and it still seems so impossible for such energy and talent to cease to live. I know I am not the only one who misses him every time they see his image or hear his voice. Gone too soon.
Gaming ... I'm gonna miss that smile so fucking much!! Goodbye, my old friend. We will miss you
John Mc... 2018 and still doesn’t even seem real we lost a great mind and person sad To think it has already been 4-5 years since your death may your movies and your name live on for many generations your truly missed.
music l... I really miss you Robin…????
Queen E... He was in some of the best movies too.
Loucci ... 3:42 is how I imagine God and robin Williams shortly after he died, except with robin as Matt Damon's character and god as robins characters. It's not your fault robin
Kevin A... I miss this man. What a great soul... Thank you for making this.
shotx... i just can't it's too much...
Loucci ... Robin Williams is a symbol of tragedy. Many say that they miss him because they grew up watching him but that's
Not really why his suicide is so tragic and why his life and death should haunt and inspire all of us for centuries to come. It's because his entire life and being was selflessly designed for the happiness and healing of others, to get people to laugh, to get people to smile when it's really the last thing they want to do. And during that he suffered hell. And rather than throwing in the towel early he kept going, cheering up others, so that others didn't have to suffer like him. This really exemplifies the beauty of the idea of Christ that inspires so many. Someone who shouldn't suffer, who nevertheless does, yet seeks to give others happiness even tho they can't find it themselves. When people talk about Love, Love isn't just kisses or even even kindhearted friendship, but it's ultimately sacrifice of yourself to the absolute limits for someone else. Robin exemplified that. Robin is a definition of love. Of the highest kind.
Nisey b... I cried though this whole video he was such a beautiful light in this world ???
ZELDA 5... Opene your hearts. He still exists.
Disney6... Excuse me while I bawl like a baby.

Smile my boy its sunrise.
michael... had not seen this tribute before. knew the man briefly. lived 1 1/2 blocks from him in the city. we spoke at some length twice. in our time williams, carlin and pryor are the high water marks for comedy and robins transition to film is incomparable. cried for two weeks at his passing. cried for an hour at this viewing. as billy crystal said, "it feels so odd to say robin williams WAS...". for me and perhaps a billion others, robin I-S!
Katelyn... I miss him ??
PJ. MJ.... A beautiful soul Sleep tight Robin God Keep You Safe?
The Six... "I still exist"
Raighme... Best smile in the world
Andrew ... I just wish Robin knew how much people loved him. I obviously thought he had it all but truth was he didn't. The one person he couldn't love was himself. He was my idol he didn't deserve to die. The world is a sadder place without him. I just wish he had said something.