The Story of LESTER NYGAARD | Fargo | Tribute Video Grzegorz Grabowiec

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Cuque S... Best evolution character besides Walter white
theivor... Wow. I love season 2 and 3 but season 1 was by far the best.
Nx Doyl... We all knew that Billy Bob Thornton was capable of a performance as good as the one he delivers in Fargo.

But Martin, despite not putting a foot wrong in any of the roles he's played, even dramatic ones like John Watson, had yet to deliver a dramatic tour de force as the central protagonist. In Fargo, he not only delivered it, he took it upstairs, put it to bed and tucked it in. A fantastic job, note perfect.
Mortime... I’m a real life Lester Nyaagard , helpppp!!!
1323Gam... I still think it was genius how he shifted the blame perfectly onto his brother
iar iar... this word like "hack" or "crack" which one he always use. what does it mean?
Devilz ... Świetny serial... uwielbiam go.
travism... I can really relate to Lester.  Try to be a decent person who lets things go and the world hates you.  Step up and take control the world hates you as well.  Either way you die in the end.  Kind of a joke actually.
MovieHo... I'm time these shows will be revered and Martin short will get his recognition for Lester. Such a complex character doing such bad shit that you always root for.....and Lorne malvo is the devil who wanted to have a lil fun on earth in his own sick way.
MayerBa... I was with Lester all the way ... until Linda. That’s when he went too far for me.
Tim D... These video are fantastic, btw. 
Two things I didn't get about the show:
Lester snuck out past the police officer and the hospital using some degree of stealth.  How did he waltz back in undetected?

The second might be because he's still very naïve.  Why would he possibly want to catch up with the guy who he knows could unravel his perfect life if he wanted to?  (Not to mention he knows the guy is cold-blooded killer)
Journey... Really wish he got away (and Malvo too). Fuck Molly and Gus...they were such boring and cliche characters.
Daniel ... so weird to hear an American accent coming out of that face.
MatchaO... I just finished season 1 it was amazing. What I didn't get was Lester's motive to approach Malvo at Vegas.
Attenti... Hess was one of the most cartoonishly over the top bullies I've ever seen.
Secret ... I can totally relate to all of the bullshit Lester went through, having to put up with obnoxious, ungrateful shits all his life. I was with him every step of the way.
San2Bug... Тhis is thе niсеist mоviе i еееvеr sеe!!! I аdvisе еvеrybооdy tо watсh it :)
Double ... What will you risk, Lester, and how FAR will you GO?
Ian Tho... I hope this show never goes away. I like it more than Boardwalk Empire and even Breaking Bad