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Buy an unspillable cup: Blog: Tribute video to Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey Golden Globe 2015 nominee) from True Detective. All his best moments. ══════════ WARNINGS: SPOILERS, VIOLENCE, DISTURBING LANGUAGE ══════════ Edited by Grzegorz Grabo

Pryglo: Bardzo dobre :)
Elli Mac: I want to see a prequel, when he was a narc
Jaqen: The best Character of all Series
Nucky Mancini: The ☆TV G.O.A.T.☆
Nucky Mancini: 113 people don't remember where that lil whore house is
rust cohle: Bir zamanlar karanlık vardı ama şimdi aydınlık kazanıyor.
gtown gtown: Top class cut my man. First rate.
shoshana 86: I jest ponad milion. Super, świetny montaż.
Raul Barbosa: I wish I could see him play the next Batman!
dubravka babi?: Rust, ya are good.everything ya said happened to me, ya healed me in most tragic moments of my life, cause of ya, I could handle death of my husband.thanx matt and nic.
Rob Malpi: Ive never seen this show but I cant stop watching these clips
Hyde: literally me
TheDucciano: Cohle's pessimism and world view is kinda dumb and often contradictory (because Pizzolato is neither a trained philosopher nor scientist) but the first season was still fucking fantastic.
Rexregum610: 3:00 - 3:02
Hela Nordela: Gosh that was amazing! the only thing is missing, imao of course, is the conclusion that Rust came up with in the end. But that was just brilliant! I love season 1, I love the script, the structure, the point, the characters, the actors. That was just one of the most magnificent thing ever made for tv series. And I really love this video.
Thinker: Watched this series about 20 times.. well made piece of art, the first season. A true insight in to Sex crimes and murder, he’s a pessimistic healer wanting to repair the world.
Khôi Nguyên: The greatest character development in TV history. Hands down.
The Boss: My favorite character from my favorite serie
morrison: Greatest character ever created.
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