DriveClub vs GT Sport vs Forza 7 vs Project CARS 2 Lamborghini...

DriveClub vs Gran Turismo Sport vs Forza Motorsport 7 vs Project CARS 2 MotoGamesTVDriveClub Sport Forza Project Lamborghini Veneno Sound Comparison

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Willy C... DriveClub so far!
Logan D... Graphics

1. Drive club.
2. Gtsport.
3. Pcars 2.
4. Forza 7.
Filix T... gt good.
Fraser ... GT sport looks horrible !!! compared to each other racing games. Like if you hate GT sport and don't understanding why people could it like that game.
RKADE10... Finally a comparison that doesn't use The Crew 1, i thought i never saw the day coming
Esam ka... Oh my god love very much your videos I live in Iraq ??
استمر اسطوره ??
Roy Fok... Driveclub best graphics, GT best gameplay, the other two aren't even needed
Harsha ... Driveclub.
FLYby S... How people can play Forza ?
Dannesk... If you could make the almost perfect game from this games, including FM7, which aspect of each would you grab?
nora pr... driveclub is the best on ps4's
ashly c... Driveclub has realistic sense of speed, the others, 150mph feels like 60mph. If Driveclub received a pro patch, with increased anti-aliasing, 60fps, and more cars; none of these games would stand a chance.
TheHisp... Nice vid!! Whats the name of the last track used?
Noor Em... 1.Driveclub
Jake Mi... I've never heard a Lamborghini Veneno in real life, and probably never will, so I can only go by what I think sounds the coolest. Driveclub for da win.
yscar r... Its sad to see that project cars 2 has virtually no sense of speed its a fantastic simulator but it is lacking in the sense of speed department making it substantially harder than real life
Areli G... Lamborghini Veneno
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