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Assassin's Creed Origins PS4 vs PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison

Assassin's Creed Origins seems to be long awaited revolution in the series that we've been waiting for. Revamped gameplay comes along with udated graphics. As long as pre release materials were mostly prising Xbox One X capabilities we still have to wait for new console to arrive. In the meantime however we can look closer to PS4 version and compare game graphics running on regular and PS4 Pro. Saddly there are no dedicated display setting por stronger Sony console, so it seems the differences will be marginal. Maybe the game will receive proper option through patch closer to Xbox One X release? What do you think? Music: Blank Holes by Jingle PunksAssassin&039;s Creed Origins Graphics Comparison

Najlepsze komentarze:

Adam Sm...What's the difference
Yasin k...Uçurum yok
Unseen ...1080p tho......
Gevork ...The game is amezing looking. However ps4 pro whent on 4k. No one cares about 4k. What gamers want is gameplay and worlds we can lose ourselvs in.
Ps4 pro could have been without 4k and developers could utilized that power to do more physics effects and quantity of things like if you swing your sword on plants it acctually cuts it. Or dynamic decapitation of limbs. This are just example of the things could have been done but no. We cut all that so we can have 4k because it is more important :(

Am i alone in this?
Tigersh...Retards there still is no patch, so stfu Xbox fanboys
Kenny use in comparing 4k optimized games if your max output is 1080p
Hossam ...Just the difference is HDR but if you bought a 4 k HDR TV on normal ps4 it will be amazing
Goku Pa...tudo a mesma coisa
Flip He...looks much better on Pro❤
[NWO] M...Lol what a waist on the PS4 pro
Giusepp...Found the difference! More insects on the wall
jairus ...Its the same thank you god i had only the ps4 not the pro
RobM...So you're telling me , the Pro is twice as powerful ( roughly ) and it doesn't make the game look any better?
PS5 is gonna have to be a beast
Argent-...Marketing ploy!
Roberto...Não vi muita diferença!!
???????...Отличие только в контрастности
???? is so noisy
lasae39...Ps4 1080p ps4 pro is 2160p you should have a good TV ? to see the difference
Stiven_...Hers comes the #micropenis#xbots
JJ Adey...Lol a video that is 720p on my phone, and I'm supposed to see the difference, it's laughable that these comparisons exist. If I'm watching this video in 720 on my phone how am I supposed to see what 4k is like compared to 1080. Pointless video no wonder so many comments saying there's hardly any difference. But to those people saying it use your brain, and realise your trying to compare 1080 to 4k on a 720 video. Course you're not gonna see much difference.
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