Call of Duty WWII Reveal Trailer vs Retail PS4 Pro Graphics Comparison Cycu1

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Legiona... Not being a dick but retail looks like the trailer on PC
ThatGuy... Kinda makes me sad to see the downgrade
Nay Sal... The downgrade thoughhh... ?
Akegan ... Классно поменялась графика!
Eli Ker... Ubisoft style
alejand... En mi play se ve como el trailer
Franco ... Fucking downgrades
Burhanu... Looks a lot better on Xbox one x
Sharcti... I like how they spent so many years on this, and still its one of the worst games in history. I got it some months after launch, but still there was bugs in the whole single player (like people just running in to walls and the magazine on my gun keeps popping up on the screen beside the gun :L) And the multiplayer..SAD. #BUILDAWALLAROUNDCALLOFDUTYDEVELOPERS
toastbr... Why is everyone alking about downgrade? There are differences, like the way the scenes are graded or how some of the lights are placed. But that's all from an artistic, and not from an technical standpoint. Technically i barely see any difference. Sure, the retail version looks less manacing and sinister, but like i said, artistic sidegrade, not a technical downgrade.
A K... The game wasn't even that good looking in the first place. Laziness just reeks out of CoD devs.
Jared B... It honestly still looks incredible in the retail version.

But yeah, this is a Ubisoft case.
Yaaser ... ow my goodness!
Matei B... I didn't know that Ubisoft was secretly helping with the game....
THE WaT... it looks better on pc
Alexand... I like how my game actually matches the trailer XD
????? P... Looks like Ubisoft was helping Activison with development, it's freaking god job, not good job.
Daniel ... Retail is garbage.
Samus A... Downgrade on a game from this gen? Never thought that could happen
Thetoph... If the trailer graphics where the game it would be better then bf1 to be honest