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Bigode... Wait... Marksman only?
Well I guess it's fair since Thresh has his own game mode :/
Tribuni... oh look, it's dropzone
Pooder... i dont get the point/goal of the gamemode, can anyone explain?
3... Just make same game mode as Summoners Rift with different setting already (not just different theme like snowday or arcade, like Substructure 43 but with same SR Lanes, different monsters)
Josh Pa... ugh i aint got time to learn how to play this, runes are priorities. btw does arurf start on 11/10/17 or a few weeks later?
Static ... Blood moon , one for all , URF , thats all i need.
Isaac... this is giving me a feeling of oldschool runescape changing into RS3 by the change of the runes etc T_T
qpaoziw... how do u win?
Bouwer2... they should make Find The Teemo a gamemode
Melissa... i dont get it ;-;
Random ... I like the background of the mode .. and the sci fi music theme. .other than that..mehh.. i probably will play the mode.. but for if there is any icon or rewards somethin. or to show off project skins
Random ... could they just bring the Invasion mode back as a rotatable mode..
jobriq5... Is this Starcraft 3?
jobriq5... Is there a reason it's only marksmen?
Injuste... Acension but different map. And no Xerath.
ViceN53... 1:32
Big mistake, Jhin. You should never run through the package drop
ViceN53... So, as a Corki main, I get my package as soon as I overcharge? Sounds good to me
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