Baby And Treasure Game For kids in search of treasures and toys...

Baby and treasure. Pirate Spiderman and his kids found a bottle on the beach with a mysterious map. Toddlerz were looking for a long treasure, they loved this game for kids, Spiderman was looking for a surprise even in the woods. After a long time they found a treasure and were very glad. The boxes were: kinder eggs, surprises, toys, gold coins and more toys for kids. See our kids video, funny and full of surprises! Toddler loved it fun for the kids, they really liked the treasures and the most eggs with toy surprises and delicious chocolate. Toddlers love to a chocolate kinder. Join the fun and search for treasure with us. Want to see more funny videos with the twins and their sister? Go to our channel Baby's Adventure Our best films are: Playground Fun Play Place for Kids play centre ball playground with balls play room playroom kids play on the playground with balls and slide Indoor Playground Amusement Park for kids pool with balls pool children play slides Spiderman and kids Opening Kinder Surprise Easter Egg Kinder Surprise Bunny and Kinder Joy Playground indoor fun balls slides and toys with kids funny video TODDLERS AND CAR Family fun funny video for kids LITTLE TIKES ON PLAYGROUND Playground Fun Play Place for Kids play centre ball playground with balls play room playroom CAR FOR KIDS WITH SPAIDERMAN funny kids video KIDS PLAYING WITH KINDER SURPRISE EGGS Experts from eggs surprises and as we speak toys? see: Spielzeug , للعب , 玩具 , 玩具 , Hračky , Legetøj , ludiloj , lelut , Jouets , Παιχνίδια , खिलौने , Juguetes , Mainan , Leikföng , トイズ , ಟಾಯ್ಸ್ , 장난감 , игрушки , đồ chơi , іграшки and as children? see: dzieci , children , الأطفال , 孩子們 , 孩子们 , infanoj , enfants , niños , 어린이 , 子供 , anak anak , Kinder , дети , barn , เด็ก ๆ , çocuklar , con cái , bambini Thank you from the Watching! Please subscribe !!Treasure search treasures surprises along Spiderman

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Sebasti... Spiderman at the Beach!!! So cool!
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